Trying to relaunch this website the last few months has been a real challenge. Apparently time is more difficult to come by than I originally thought, at least the time required by the ol’ website. Anyways, here are a couple simple prototypes that I’ve been working on.

The first prototype is something that was created for mobile devices, but is currently using mouse/keyboard input for the sake of the web player. This prototype was worked on by myself and an artist by the name of Pedro Rodriguez. It was used to as an experiment in simplistic fun. Use the mouse to look around, WASD for movement, and hold space bar to pick up boxes with the tractor beam.

Alien Prototype

The next prototype is something that I’m actively working on every chance I get and will end up being an action/adventure title for mobile, without using any virtual buttons. All movements and actions will be performed contextually by touches and gestures. I’m very excited but this is a very rough/early prototype focusing on the player movement, camera movement, and enemy pathing. Click to walk, scroll middle mouse to zoom, click and drag to rotate camera.

Adventure Prototype <— super early/rough, be nice

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